48 Beautiful and Creative Bee Craft Ideas

I hate to admit this, but when I see a bumblebee around I keep my distance from it. I like the looks of a bumblebee though, with its bright yellow and black stripes. I also like to do arts and crafts with the bumblebee as a theme.

Therefore I was interested in finding as many bumblebee craft projects as I could, that also included instructions. This article has those bumblebee crafts that I found, plus a couple of art projects. For the instructions to make the cute bumblebee shown above, go to Craftideas.info.

1. Terra Cotta Bee

Although sometimes the translation of this craft project is difficult to understand, the photos come to our rescue. This super cute bee has a tutorial at CROISSANT AND LAVENDER.

2. Crocheted Bee Headband

Such a cute little honey bee headband. It’s simple to make, so ask anyone you know who can crochet to Please make it for you. Follow the instructions at THE Stitchin’ MOMMY to make this cutie headband.

3. Paper Mache Bees and Hive

Kids love to make paper mache crafts, and they will definitely love this one. Included with the tutorial at mess for less you’ll find the instructions for making the little bees. Use this as a table decoration for a bee themed kids party.

4. Egg Carton Bumble Bee

There are more egg carton bee projects to choose from, but I particularly like this one. Maybe it’s the silver chenille strip wings that catches my eye. The instructions for making this bumble bee project are found at crafty morning.

5. Tissue Paper Bee

Tissue paper pieces are always a fun item for kids to craft with. This bumble bee gets a nice, chubby look with the use of the tissue paper pieces. Find all the information you need to make this little bee at i {heart} crafty things .

6. Cereal Box Bee Favors

When you plan a party you try to keep the expenses down so you can buy a big beautiful cake. By following the tutorial at KIX, you’ll be able to make these cute bee favors for practically nothing. The favors are made using the cereal box.

7. Bee Antennae Party Headband

One of the activities that you could plan for, for the party, is to make bee antennae headbands. Then the kids can all buzz around while they play games. You can find the instructions for making these antennae headbands at KIX.

8. Walnut Bee

Imagine all the games you could make using little walnut bees as the game pieces. I’m thinking Tic-Tac-Toe would be a good example. Or glue them onto skewers or a wire, and use them as plant pokes. Find the instructions for making the walnut bees at EASY CRAFTS FOR KIDS.com .

9. Bee May Basket

These little treat containers could be use on occasions other than for just May Day. For a bee themed party make these cute little bees and give them out as favors. MOMMYAPOLIS is the place to go to find the tutorial for this craft project.

10. Bee Game

Make the game board from a shoe box or any medium sized box. The kids will enjoy making and playing with the bees in this game. Get all the information for making this bee game at Piikea STREET.

11. Busy Bee Magnet

This craft, which uses clothespins, has instructions on the Busy Bee Kids Crafts.com site.

12. Pet Bee

Bees would make a cute theme for a baby shower of kids party. The tutorial for making these pom pom bees is found at Molly Moo.

13. Bubbles Bee Party Favors

Another bee themed party idea that is too cute to pass up. The bees are made using the little bottles of bubbles, the kind found for wedding favors. See how to make these little bubble bee party favors by going to the Creative GREEN Living site.

14. Honey Bee and Games

Anytime a craft also includes ideas to make a game from it, is pretty impressive. This project has game ideas to go with the honey bee craft. All the instructions for making the bees and how to play the games can be found at Sugar Aunts.

15. Bee Math Game

Here is an art project that the kids will enjoy doing and it’ll be a nice addition to your schoolroom or home. Go to Nurture Store for the instructions.

16. Sewing Bee

I can just see little bumble bees like these made into a mobile to hang in the baby’s room. This sooo cute craft project has the directions on the Lucykate Crafts site. This reminds me of a folk art craft.

17. Bee Puppets

This would make a nice project activity, fun to make and even more fun to play with. The instructions can be found at The Spruce.

18. Pom-Pom Bumblebee

An empty barbecue sauce bottle and yellow and black pom poms are supplies needed for this project. All the instructions can be found at FAMILY CORNER.com.

19. Bumblebee Mobile

A quick lesson about bumblebees is included with the directions for this outstanding craft for kids. You’ll find the instructions at Crafts For Kids.

20. Light Bulb Bumblebee

A light bulb and a few other supplies are all you’ll need to make this little bumblebee. She Knows is the place to go to get all the instructions for this craft.

21. Bumblebee Halloween Costume

Make this cute little bumblebee costume for a little kid in your family. You’ll find the directions at dollar store crafts.

22. Love Bug

Make this little bee in red and it’s a Valentine bee, but think of all the other colors you can make a love bug. Find the instructions at AllKids NETWORK .

23. Beeeautiful Bee Decoration

You’ll use a clay pot in the making of the bee hive in this beautiful decoration. Make one of these bee decorations by following the instructions that you’ll find atfavecrafts.

24. Bumblebee Magnet

You’re kitchen will be abuzz if you attach a few of these cute little magnets to your refrigerator door. Find out how to make them by going to CRAFT OUT!!!

25. How to Draw an Easy Cartoon Bee

26. Yarn Wrapped Egg Carton Bumblebee

A few basic supplies and an egg carton are all you need to make this little bumblebee. The directions can be found at Buggy and Buddy.

27. Bumblebee Face Painting

This is such a cute idea. What little kid wouldn’t love to have this painted on their face? Go to Butterfly Lullaby to see what you’ll need to paint this on a face.

28. Buzzz, the Bumblebee

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas suggests reading the “Buzz” kids book before making these bumblebees made using tp rolls.

29. Bee Keychain

Make a great gift by crocheting a bee keychain. The directions can be found atRepeat Crafter Me.

30. Clay Pot Bumblebee

This is an easy and fun craft project from PLAID. Add a card or sign that reads, “Thanks for beeing my teacher.”

31. Paper Bag Bee Puppet

Kids love to make and play with puppets that they’ve made using paper bags. The instructions for making the paper bag bee puppets can be found at Easy Crafts For Kids.

32. Yarn Egg Bumblebee

Make this keepsake bumblebee for your children or grandkids to help them remember you and all the good times you had making beautiful crafts. For the pattern directions for this craft, go to the inadvertent farmer.

33. Bee Finger Puppets

When you go to the blog, I HEART CRAFTY THINGS, you’ll notice that besides a bee puppet, there is also a lady bug finger puppet.

34. Clay Pot Bumblebee

This little guy looks so bright and cheerful that he’d be a great addition to the kitchen or baby’s room. Go to FaveCrafts for the instructions.

35. How to Make a Bumblebee Noisemaker

36. Bumblebee Buddy

Make a little bumblebee buddy for a little friend to love. You’ll find the instructions for this fabric craft at craft with confidence.

37. Tic Tac Toe Game

This is one of my favorite craft ideas because it would be a great gift to give to kids. You’ll find the tutorial for making this tic tac toe game at PLAID.

38. Craft Stick Bees

You can make larger or smaller bees by using the different sized craft sticks. Maybe even make one with toothpicks and attach a pin to the back. Go to I HEART CRAFTY THINGS for the directions for this craft.

39. Garden Stakes

Coffee With Us 3 shows us how to easily make bumblebee garden stakes using empty mustard bottles for the bee bodies. They have a nice tutorial on their site.

40. Pet Rock Bumblebees

Your pet bumblebee pet rock will definitely be a conversation starter. Imagine these little pets sitting on an end table as an addition to your décor. Go to CRAFTS BY Amanda for the instructions.

41. Bumblebee Bookmark

Use this as a bookmark or add a skewer to the back and tuck this little bumblebee in a plant. Go to SHE KNOWS PARENTING for the instructions.

42. Bumblebee Pencil Topper

A craft project that will have the kids all excited about making, and using, this bumblebee pencil topper. The instructions for this project can be found at Activity village.

43. Bumble Bee Magnets

The fragile looking wings make this a unique bee magnet. You’ll find all the necessary instructions for making these bumble bee magnets by going toWeddingbee for them.

44. Bee Magnet Note Holder

This easy to make refrigerator magnet, that will hold notes and messages, is a project by Crafty Crafted. Go to their website for the instructions to make the bee magnet note holder.

45. Bee’s Knees Lid Topper

This is an outstanding way to make a jar special. Consider topping a jar of honey with a little bee like this and giving it as a gift. See how to make this lid topper by going to Welcome to Lev LaLev’s Blog.

46. Simple Bee Pencil Topper

When you need to make a number of favors for Valentine’s Day or a classroom party, consider making these little bee toppers. Find the instructions for making these simple bee pencil toppers at Fun Art and Crafts!

47. Bee Bird House or Feeder

Wouldn’t this little bee bird house look great hanging from a tree or the patio in your back yard. It’s so easy to make following the instructions given at LOWES.

48. Felt Circles Bee

Who would have thought that a bunch of felt circles could be changed to look like a bee. This felt circle bee craft, and the instructions on how to make it, can be found at

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